What does Albatros do?

Consultancy to companies operating in the aeronautical Business.
Please refer to the relevant section of this Albatros presentation.

What industries do you specialize in?

The background of Top Managers in Albatros is in the aeronautical industry. Having said that, we believe that the value we bring to you is not only a peculiar industry expertise, but rather the capability of understanding the present and future of your industry. Albatros has the resources, knowledge and experience to performe a consultation for companies even in other industries.

Why choose Albatros as opposed to bigger, most tenured consulting companies?

We strive to remain a boutique consulting firm so that we can provide our clients with personal customer service. This approach has rewarded us with excellent service provided and positive results, so far.

Can I afford your prices?

We are a small Company, but we have a network of people expert in numerous field that can work with us on a case by case, therefore we have always the right size for your small or big consultancy request and most likely to work within your budget.

May I use your tools by myself?

Yes, you may. For more details please read the following Demand and Ansewer.

How much would be the cost of using your tools?

Our tools are avaible to interested person or company under licence agreement. If you are interested you may contact us to receive further details and a licence for a trial period of two months free of charge.