Albatros S.a.s. has been created in July 2011. Between 2011 and the company has provided (inter alia) advice to the companies Alenia Aermacchi, ASE, Mecaer and Superjet International.

The service provided to Alenia Aermacchi (a Leonardo Company) consisted in assisting the senior management to the implementation of strategies in the aviation sector, with special reference to the Superjet International project (a joint Alenia/Sukoy partnership) and making analyses and investigations on the future of the ATR Turboprop family program (an Alenia/EADS Joint Venture).

ASE, a leader Italian Company that produces electrical systems on board aircraft, has asked for numerous studies related to their strategic positioning compared to the competition, as well as in the context of the expected technological evolution of the sector. ASE has also requested the support of Albatros in the drafting of the Strategic Business Plan and the identification of new products and new markets.

Mecaer has asked for a comprehensive study of the offer scenario in the general aviation business, including a competitive analysis of major players and products.